RETREAT! Save the date - October 11-13 We will be having our Annual All-church Retreat, at Camp Berea, in Hebron NH. Please plan to come and bring a friend!

THE DEPENDABLE REALITY OF THE BIBLE: Being sure of What Is Sure. A Four Week Sunday School session starting September 8th, taught by Pastor Weibley. Can you articulate to someone else what you believe about the dependability and power of the Bible? Or maybe you have some nagging questions of your own that have always troubled you? This four week session will direct our re-thinking of the practical reasons why God’s Word is reliable after a season when other words have risen to noisily challenge what the Bible claims for itself. To be followed by a session in October on how to read and study the Bible.

CONGREGATIONAL MEETING WITH THE ELDERS:  The elders are hosting a congregational meeting on Sunday, September 15, 2019 at 5 pm in the Fellowship Hall. We will review what we have found out through our work over the past 18 months including our perception of the current state of CCC. We will express our thoughts on where we think we might go, as well as the potential for how and what, while encouraging attendee response, reflection, and  input. We want everyone to be there! Would you please consider prioritizing this event? A pizza buffet will be provided for dinner together.                                                                                                  

THE GARDENS belong to all of us! Welcoming willing workers to weed and water them. Phase III of Carlisle Congregational Church is now complete! Phase IV Maintenance and Watering have now begun. “We need people who are willing to give a manageable amount of their time to one area of landscaping. Weeding is minimal, but watering is needed during these hot and dry days.” Please see the sign-up sheet in Fellowship Hall.

CONNECT WITH A COOKIE - WE ONLY HAVE TWO SPOTS LEFT. THE NEXT TWO WEEKS ARE AVAILABLE! Please enjoy sharing in our tradition of connecting with a cookie, following the 9:30 a.m. Worship Service throughout the summer months. Each week one family or a group of friends sign up to bring about six dozen of one kind of cookie, or other baked good. You may also bring “triangles” of sliced watermelon, or other snacks (store bought or homemade) without nuts, if possible; so that everyone may enjoy one while we spend a little time together before heading off to our summertime activities. We do not serve coffee during the summer months, so all that is needed in addition to your snack is to set-up the serving table with napkins, cups and several pitchers of water - all of which are available in the pantry at the back of the kitchen.