• Carlisle Congregational Church (map)
  • 147 School Street
  • Carlisle, MA 01741
  • USA

Join us for an evening of classical choral works by J. S. Bach, Johannes Brahms, Arvo Pärt, folksongs, hymns, and spirituals from one of the premier collegiate choirs in the United States. The Houghton College Choir has performed around the world, including the former Soviet Union, Poland, Austria, and Italy.

one of the premier college choirs in the United States,” which “sets the standard for high-quality choral artistry.
— Justin Smith, LCOB USA
... projects the spirit of dedication to excellence in the choral art, firmly rooted in spiritual expression.
— Dr. Rene Clausen, Concordia Choir
It is a rarity to hear a college choir that sings with compelling honesty in addition to beautiful sound.
— James Jordan, Westminster College Choir