january 21

"In the same boat: Why are you afraid?"

Mark 4:35-41
Pastor Steven James Weibley

Sunday, January 21 at 11:00, the Jesus who taught in parables shows the power that backs up his teaching and the disciples to whom have been given the secret of the kingdom learn how little they understand of Him.  The painting below by Rembrandt is one of those stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990. It is early Rembrandt, drawing us in by the brilliant breaking of the storm into the fear of the followers who had just heard Him teach on the power of the seed of God's world and the power of the growing kingdom, which was still invisible. In the painting, we see one man sick for fear over the edge of the boat in one of Rembrandt's many touches of realism, while one man looks out (we know from his self-portraits that it is Rembrandt himself) as if to invite us into the painting and Jesus rises from sleep to speak to the forces of the natural world and to bring immediate still not only to the typically sudden storms, but even to the even more immediately calmed water. 
urinews january 21.png