The real point of the end of Mark 13 is not to set out some kind of a timeline about the end, but to see the sign that Jesus is enthroned as the world's king. How hard must that have been for these four listeners who would, in a week, see His physical body destroyed? And how astonishing the evidence that Jesus is installed as King in heaven when, in 30 years from this day in the temple courts, this massive temple is destroyed and great numbers of Jews and non-Jews are gathered to Jesus by the teaching by Jesus apostles? Solid evidence to be at work with all we are for Him. AND of the certainty of everything Jesus says.

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what we do here when it snows

Winter weather HAS ARRIVED! Historically, the Sunday morning worship service is rarely, if ever, cancelled. However, if you feel it is not safe for you to go out, please stay home. Those who live close or are especially brave are welcome to come participate in a service. Sunday School will be cancelled if the parking lot cannot be cleared in time. Sunday School cancellations will be posted here on the Church web site and on the church Facebook page . Be sure to check before leaving for Church if the weather is bad. Occasionally, we have rescheduled the service to the evening.