january 21

•    This week, let us pray, with whatever level of understanding, both for those facing unexpected conception and unexpected persecution. Consider using the prayer insert as you pray or visiting opendoorsusa.org.

•    George D. wrote on Jan 16th that the side effects he has been experiencing are due to a hemorrhage caused by the radiation at the dying tumor site.  The good news is it looks like the radiation "blasted" the tumor and got rid of the cancer!  However, brain surgery to fix the “bleed” is very risky so they are waiting to see if it will stop on its own.  Please continue to pray for him.  Thank you.  Nan W.

•    Steve A. was able to make it back to Maine with the help of his sister and brother-in-law, but Ellen remains at Lahey for a place to open up in Maine close to their South Paris home. Changes made in healthcare law that were put into practice that complicate this process. Ellen continues to struggle with radical drops in blood pressure, which cause her to pass out. Pray for a place for rehab, the transport, and stabilizing of her blood pressure. 

•    Connie M., Cheryl B. mother, started radiation on 1/11 and has now had 5 treatments. She has a head and chest cold going into this but so far she is doing well. She will continue treatments until 2/1. Then she has to decide whether or not to do hormone therapy treatment. Please continue praying for her health and patience during this time. And thank you for your prayers for both my mother and grandmother! I am also grateful for the advice from several of you on the hormone therapy. Please pray for God’s guidance in this decision. Cheryl B.

•    Gretchen C. continues to receive rehab at home. Please pray that she continues to heal and regain her strength quickly.



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