March 18

John G. (Mike G. Dad) After 3 months of chemo, and another PET scan, the doctors said that the treatments are being effective!  The cancer has not advanced, and in fact has gone down in one area.  The family is very excited about the report -- thanks be to God!  Since the treatments are working, he will continue the chemo for another 3 months, and re-evaluate then.  Thank you for your prayers.

Continue to pray for Bob B. and continuing physical therapy after his successful knee surgery.

Terry T. came down with an infection last week and had to be hospitalized, but is expected to be back at home by this morning's service. 

Amy M. dad Steve fell last week and broke his arm and fractured a rib.

Please continue to pray for the comfort of Rachel A. dad as his lung cancer continues to take its course but, more importantly, pray for his salvation as he has always been antagonistic to hearing the gospel. 

Pray for Love S. healing from her surgery on her other eye. She has felt our prayers and knows the Lord is with her. 

Rich & Jan M. request prayers for comfort for their neighbor, Rick, his daughter Ana, and brother Mike as their mom/grandmother passed away on the 13th.

Please keep Ellen A. in prayer as her doctor’s struggle to regulate her blood pressure.

Jan M. friend, Bruce, is home finally, 22 days after surgery. Praise God! He'll have visiting nurses for a while, and continue with PT.

Barbara J. brother, Robert L., is able to walk as the paralysis is gone from his leg. He hopes to go home soon. Thanks to all for your prayers – Barbara.

Please continue to pray for Ellen and Gary’s son Ethan C. and his wife Kali following Ethan’s heart attack. He is now recovering at home making progress each day. 

Please pray for Bill G. Mother, Rose, who fell and fractured her pelvis.  She is in rehab currently, and Bill is not sure if she will pull through. She is suffering a lot and needs prayer support.

Pray for Marian S. New Zealand friend, Wayne A. (and his wife Lynley) in the unchecked progress of his cancer.



Prayer Requests will be kept in the bulletin for 4 weeks.

Please call or email the office if you’d like a request updated or removed.


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