may 13

As we pray together this week, pray for mothers and daughters. Pray for the mothers in our church family, that they may realize not only the calling God has given them, but also His power at work when they feel least able, His promised wisdom instructing them when they feel they don’t know what to do, and His strength when they deeply feel their own weakness.  Pray for mothers of every age child, from newborn through adult.  Pray for mothers with prodigal sons and daughters that they may persevere in prayer.  Pray for those daughters who are single and in that singleness, are faithful as Jesus has called them to be for the kingdom.  And, for each failing, pray that every mother and daughter may remember the righteousness and forgiveness and hope that is theirs in Jesus.  And pray for the Lord to raise up spiritual mothers among us and spiritual daughters who are willing to be mentored. (Is there something you might do this week to encourage a mother close to you by a card, phone call, or prayer?).

David G. is tolerating chemotherapy well, and is in good spirits even as tiredness and hair loss begin to take their toll. Praise God that blood tests show it is working to fight his cancer, and please keep praying for him and his family as chemo will continue every other week for at least another 5 months.

Please pray for Rich M., his brothers, family and care-givers as we support Rich's dad. He has been moved to a Geriatric ward due to physical and agitation issues. 

George D.’s wife Danielle wrote that George’s birthday was April 18th. She said “as a special birthday present to him, I wanted to ask if you all could lift him up in prayer to our loving God, and ask for a special blast of encouragement and light on his special day.” Although “He’s always an encourager and never complains”…”This storm has been a long, tough one, and the waves just keep coming. We've reset our sails to keep up with the shifting winds, but the sails are tattered and torn...the bright beacon of a lighthouse or the calm, safety of a sunny shore sure would be a welcome gift. We couldn’t do any of it without your prayers and support!” Thank you. Nan Walsh





Prayer Requests will be kept in the bulletin for 4 weeks.

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