February 25

Our prayer focus today is Benjamin P. Pray that Ben might both learn and be the fullest benefit in serving others this March in Port Arthur, Texas, with the Conservative Anabaptist Service Program. Pray also that he might keep his Chinese fresh while away from formal instruction during that time and be best prepared for his third trip to China in May.

Peter T. has been at Mass General with Terry.  Terry fell outside their house Wednesday morning as they were getting on the shuttle to go to the airport for their ski trip.  She will be there a couple of days at least and will have a partial hip replacement.   Peter writes “The time of surgery is unknown; the orthopedist said that there was a rash of broken bones so he was not sure when the operating room would open up. They have you up and walking with a couple days and you go home in 2-3 days. It will take a month or two to be back to normal.” Pray for a good outcome for the hip replacement surgery.

Love S. writes I am having cataract surgery this Wednesday, 2/21, at 11:00 a.m. eastern standard time on my left eye. Two weeks later on 3/7 I am having cataract surgery on my right eye. I would appreciate prayers for these surgeries, the resulting vision corrections, and that all goes well. I am anxious to get it all behind me. We still feel a part of the Carlisle Congregational Church since we were there for over 45 years and have many great memories there. Thanks very much.

Barbara J. family friend, Brian D., we have been praying for Brian and his kidney transplant. Barbara called Tuesday, 2/20/18, to say that he is going to Lahey Thursday for a biopsy on the kidney to see what is going on as the numbers for the new kidney's function are not good. Please continue to pray for him.

George D. wife Danielle posted that the MRI after his 3rd brain surgery shows that the surgery was successful at removing the tumor and repairing the bleeding, but recovery on this one is a greater challenge with a long road ahead.  “He is eager to get his strength back…His faith and fight are fierce”  “Please pray for continued pain management and healing of brain swelling and incision.  We will still take that healing miracle if HE has One to give…We are so blessed by you all.”  Thank you.  Nan Walsh

Marian S. friends, Wayne and Lynley A., from Auckland, New Zealand have been dealing with Wayne’s mesothelioma for years. His cancer has eaten away at his ribs and also Wayne is in constant pain due to lung tumors pressing against his heart. Would you pray for this dear couple? May Wayne and Lynley confess their belief and faith in Jesus Christ.  Thank you, Marian

Luigi (co-worker of Rich M.) and his family as his father, Antonio, has been diagnosed with metastasized lung cancer and had a stroke a couple of weeks ago and is very weak.  And Luigi's mom goes through radiation treatment after breast cancer surgery (good prognosis).  Specific prayers are for a treatment plan for Antonio and strength to endure for the family.

Please pray for Bill G. Mother, Rose, who fell and fractured her pelvis.  She is in rehab currently, and Bill is not sure if she will pull through. She is suffering a lot and needs prayer support.

Bruce, Jan M. friend, has moved out of the cardiac ICU into a regular room. He still has a long recovery ahead, so continued prayers will be appreciated.

Nan W. friend Ann’s son, Kevin, is on blood thinners for the multiple Pulmonary Embolisms, and the doctors say that they originated in his legs.  This may be a chronic condition and he will have to adjust his life style greatly.  Ann especially asks for prayer that Kevin comes to know the Lord.  Thank you.  Nan

Connie M., Cheryl B. mother, had her last radiation treatment on February 1. Please pray for her to continue to gain her energy back. And pray for her decisions over the next few weeks with regards to treatment going forward and the doctors to have the wisdom to give her their best treatment options. Also pray for her health and safety as she lives alone and takes care of her 94 yearold mother. 


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