October 8

  • Let us pray, as we have for decades, for Stuart, Sindia, Cara, and Luke F. and Stuart and Sindia's work in Mozambique. As they have asked in their most recent email:

             1. Praise God for the encouraging beginning for the Lomwe Study Bible!

             2. Pray for the training course to get our team up to speed on how to prepare a Study Bible that speaks to the   needs around us.

             3. Pray for Bible weekends to give us insights into misunderstandings and needs of Lomwe people.

  • Pray for the planning and preparation for community groups that is underway, for the leadership, and in what way you might be engaged in a group.
  • My son Jim’s sister-in-law, Karin is home now after major cancer surgery - she is pretty exhausted and needs to rest, but is healing. She awaits the pathology report findings to determine what further treatment she will require. Thank you for your continuing prayers. Nan W.










Prayer Requests will be kept in the bulletin for 4 weeks.

Please call or email the office if you’d like a request updated or removed.


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