Homemade Bread


Tithes and Offerings

During our Sunday morning worship service we will have a time designated for those who wish to give to the church.


Offerings are also possible via mail.  Please write which ministry you would like the funds designated to if you have a preference.

Or, donate here via PayPal:


Gifts of Stock

You may give stocks and mutual funds to Carlisle Congregational Church.


For more information, please contact the church's Financial Secretary at FinancialDeacon@carlislecongregational.org


Your name will be kept confidential and will not be made public without your permission.


To initiate the process, after contacting the Financial Secretary, please contact your broker and provide them with the following information:

DTC: 0015

Account No.: 357-907431-012

Receiving Brokerage Firm: Morgan Stanley

Amazon Smile Program

This is an automatic program that takes 1/2 of 1% of every purchase and donates the money to the charity of your choice, in our case Carlisle Congregational Church. 


This is at no cost to the customer.

  1. Log in to www.smile.amazon.com

  2. Go to Accounts and Lists

  3. Under Your Account scroll down to Your Amazon Smile and click.

  4. Set current charity to Edit and insert Carlisle Congregational Church.  Click Enter.

Now every time you order from Amazon, remember to type in SmileAmazon and not just Amazon.  This will invoke the automatic program.

Thank you very much for using this simple method to bring a little added revenue to the church.


Carlisle Congregational Church

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 Opening Hours: Mon -Thur: 9am-3pm, or by appointment

Sunday Worship :

Service at 10:00 am

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