Church Leadership


Steven Weibley

Steven James Weibley has served Carlisle Congregational Church for over 30 years, first serving as choir director, and then later as associate pastor. He became lead pastor upon accepting the congregation’s call in January of 2009.


Steve Brown

Elder, Community Groups

Brian Donaldson

Elder, Sunday School

Mike Giger

Elder, Missions, Worship

Richard Hendricks

Elder, Fellowship, Student Ministries

Rich Moore

Financial Deacon

Bob Brownson

Deacon, Chair

Jon Hander

Facilities Deacon

Nick Marquez

Administration Deacon

Cheryl Nelson

Elder, Chair, Discipleship, Shepherding

Matt Pearson

Communications/Technology Deacon

Peter Tracy

Missions Committee Chair

Nan Walsh


Tim G.

Office Administrator

Maria Criscenzo

Carlisle Congregational Church

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Sunday Worship :

Service at 10:00 am

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